What is the Gota go

The Gota'Go Personal Care Device is a concealed,  device that is worn under clothing and enables males to urinate in situations where a bathroom break is not possible.

The Gota'Go Personal Care Device is similar to a jockey- strap and has an elastic cotton waistband (sized Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large), fitted with hip or buttocks straps that sup- ports an under-crotch support similar to that offered by a pair of briefs.

So comfortable, you dont even know its on

How do you use the Gota go

The male's penis is inserted into a soft molded rubber or plastic sheath, the end of which opens into a small-diameter, pliable plastic or rubber surgical tube. This outflow tube is equipped with a syn- thetic round-the-thigh strap fitted with Velcro closures, surgical rubber or plastic.

Easy to Clean, Disposable or Washable

The Gota'Go Personal Care Device can be worn on either leg. The upper end of the receptacle bag is fitted with a one-way re- lease valve for emptying the accumulated contents.

The basic Gota'Go Personal Care Device is equipped with a 9-ounce collecting bag. The urine-collecting bag can be manufactured in custom capacities upon special request.

The entire Gota'GoTM Personal Care Device system is dis- posable or washable/reusable, depending on the consumers preference.

The Gota'GoTM Personal Care Device is a featured exhibitor of the Inven- tionConnection.com Cybershow and has been nominated for an award in the category of Personal Care.